Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Seaside Bathing Beauty

There was a sudden rush to view my photos at Flickr the other day. A normal day recently has seen viewing figures of between six and seven hundred. Last Tuesday they jumped up to just short of 1400.

Was it, I wondered, because I'd added a shot of North Pier organist, Raymond Wallbank? Here he is playing in the Sun Lounge on 27 May 1982.

Was it perhaps because on that day, skater Robin Cousins was in the audience, well wrapped up against the Blackpool sun? Obviously a lad who takes his complexion seriously!

Surely it couldn't have been anything to do with the fact that Robin was there to judge a heat of the Miss Blackpool contest, could it?

Well perhaps it could... The viewing figures started leaping the moment I'd uploaded the photos!

The winner on the day was Wendy Phizacklea from Barrow. Quite deservedly I thought...

Large versions of the photos: both Raymond and Robin feature amongst the 36 photos in this seriously documentary set at Flickr. If you like you can bump my figures up for today too...

See the large size by clicking the small photo, then clicking again the medium photo that opens. It should now appear on a black background with an option to "View all sizes" - this rather complicated procedure being Flickr's doing, not mine...

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  1. Haven't I seen one of those before? Oh yes! You let me use it once, for what, we won't mention....:)


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