Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lyme Disease Rally in Ottawa

I mentioned about three weeks ago the problems Marlene, one of those inimitable ladies-over-the-water was having getting treatment for the illness Lyme Disease.

This week, yesterday in fact, was the rally in Parliament Square, Ottawa to raise awareness of this crippling disease. She sent me an email with photo attached saying "You can see me on the webcam!" All agog I opened the photo...

I... er... hmm...

Anyway this other email came with the following message - this is where I go serious for a bit. It should not be so hard to get treatment for a disease that is so debillitating.

"Trudy (middle) organised the rally, weak and walking with a cane. Kim (right) is 2 months antibiotic free and fine so far after years of treatment in the USA. All three of us are getting treatment not in our own country.
This must change!
About 50 or 60 people here, with canes, in wheel chairs, wearing signs, etc.

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