Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jewels of the Mediterranean - Thomson Destiny

A few days went by without any updates there. Mainly because we've been gadding about the Mediterranean Sea again.

On 12 May we were picked up by taxi at some unearthly hour to fly out to join the Thomson Destiny at Palma in Majorca.

We were onboard by early afternoon and walked round in a sleepy daze for most of the first day until at around 9:30 we had to give in and go to bed. Or to bunk, I should say...

We had a rather romatic L-shaped sleeping arrangement, Fran under the window and me under a shelf that held a cupboard with the safe in it and ran along the length of my bunk, projecting out a few inches. Ok if I slept on my left side.

Unfortunately at the point an hour later, when I'd nicely dropped off and the Captain announced we were ready to sail, I had turned over to face the wall...

This incredibly loud voice shouted at us from a hidden speaker somewhere in the ceiling of our cabin and I shot upright, banging my forehead on the edge of the shelf. I had a lump the size of an egg for a couple of days. Only an ant's egg fortunately but it bloody hurt and the goldfish peered hopefully at me every time I passed their tank and I swear they were licking their lips... (That wasn't entirely true - there are no fish tanks on Thomson Destiny - Legal Dept...)

So our first port of call after a day at sea will be on Saturday 14 May at Sicily!

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