Saturday, 27 October 2007

Cruise Holiday Comeback

I've been trying a bit of digital scrapbooking with the photos from the holiday to create a booklet instead of a photo album.

In this way I could include text and other bits and pieces too. Marlene used to rave about digital scrapbooking at one time and even got a job designing backgrounds and layouts and stuff.

So I nagged her a bit and she gave me some great hints about using layers in Paint Shop Pro and although I've not used many elements other than the actual photos and some WordArt for page titles, I've been pleased with the results I've been getting.

Talking of the holiday - I got a letter from Cissie yesterday. She wanted to know whether she was Cissie or Ada - it should really have been obvious flower! And said:

"I'm glad you had a great time on holiday. We had a lovely week after you had gone. (Take it the right way) I don't mean because you 'd gone. I mean we did. Nothing happened. I mean ...oh never mind."

See what I have to put up with?

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