Thursday, 13 September 2007

Cassis, the Town

After having a look around the harbour and the beach, we had some time left and started to walk up the road leading from the harbour into the town.

Fran found a biscuit shop and there was certainly a gorgeous smell coming from it. We ended up buying a tin of butter cookies and they are still a tasty reminder of our holiday!

The tin itself was quite attractive and we were able to choose it from a range of available designs.

There were all sorts of biscuits on display, and it was a temptation to go a bit berserk, trying lots of different flavours.

The road led up to a market square where the local market was in full swing. Amongst the vegetables and fruit stalls were the stall full of painted tiles, seen on the left of the photo and some other tourist souvenirs.

In the centre of the market square was a tall fountain upon which pigeons were looking over the throng, watching for any dropped food crumbs.

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