Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Buying Old Things Again...

The sun has come out today and we got a little giddy and drove off to Morecambe. It's a while since we visited GB Antiques at Lancaster and we called there for an hour's mooching as we passed through this morning.

I made just one purchase - an old annual or coffee table book, Meet The Film Stars 1934 1935. No doubt I paid many times what it cost when new in 1935, but in terms of today's money it wasn't that much really and it is packed with quality photographs including some that are so heavily hand coloured that they appear more painting than photograph!

Here's one of the better known stars, Jean Harlow, from its pages. The original blonde bombshell, I remember hearing an anecdote about a famous actor who kept making a hash of his takes during a love scene. "I was having so much fun kissing her, I didn't want it to stop..."

A young Joe E. Brown. If you are having trouble placing him, picture him as an older man, driving a speedboat and saying to Jack Lemmon, "I don't care... It doesn't matter..." at the end of Some Like It Hot.

We got back to the car to find the dashboard temperature reading 27 centigrade... It had been parked in the sun so it didn't take it long to come down quite a bit, but it was still a warm day. We parked on the Promenade near where the Pleasure Beach used to be and walked north to have lunch in The Grove cottage restaurant. Then we split up and I went to my favourite Morecambe shop - the second-hand book shop (The Old Pier Book Shop) opposite where the pier used to be. Normally the owner is playing The Moody Blues album, Seventh Sojourn but today a real blast from the past came at me as I opened the door...

"Give me some men who are stout-hearted men, who will fight, for the right they adore..."
"Blimey! That's not the Moody Blues!"
I said as I walked in.
"Oh, they'll be on later!" came the quick answer, "This is Nelson Eddy from the film New Moon". I hadn't heard that song since my parents took me to some long-forgotten seaside show in the 1960s that had John Hanson on the programme. It immediately set up an ear worm that is happily still playing...

I bought two books, a Tarzan book that I remember from my Dad's collection but which was thrown a long time ago probably before a house move. It will be nice to read it again. The other is the first instalment of a series aimed at young adults. I read the third instalment a while ago and loved it. This was a more modern book than the other two, but it cost me one pound - still a penny more than when it was new! Ha!

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