Monday, 5 December 2016

Attic Foray No.3

I did think of calling this Attic Foray No.2 Part 2, but a bit pedantic, even if the majority of stuff in this article came from my previous incursion into the dark and slightly dusty hole that is my attic. There has been another incursion though, as Miss Franny raised an eyebrow at me and mentioned it was now December and could I bring "the tree" down... The tree and boxes of adornments was duly brought down with a couple of other bits which will be included below. Then I spent a day on Sunday playing 78 rpm records before moving the record player to make way for said tree, which turns out to be too big to sit on top of the table that the record player sat on so now I'm tasked with buying a new tree...

I did mention last time that I'd brought down a folder or two containing cuttings from magazines such as TV and photography magazines. These would have been destined for pasting into scrapbooks, but they obviously never made it that far. Which is good because some of the pages had interesting things on what I obviously thought of at the time as the reverse side. Here's Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as agents Mulder and Scully from the excellent The X-Files TV series of the 1990s.

One of the reverse side lucky finds - how many remember the witty goldfish adverts of the satellite channel Bravo?

Friends was another of those TV series that we watched pretty much from the beginning right through its full ten-year stretch. A remarkable achievement made possible by some very witty scripts and one or two rather attractive main players... Bits I still can remember now, not having watched it for ages, are Joey and Chandler's duck and chicken, Ross and Monica's occasional throwbacks to their childhood antics - Monica banging her wrists together twice to the obvious enragement of Ross was a brilliant moment - and Rachel's... er... Rachel's... well alright... Jennifer Aniston...!

This was a reminder of a somewhat obscure series - Models Inc. which was a glossy 90210-style look at the lives of photographic models, photographers and make-up artists who worked for the agency known as Models Inc. Linda Gray, fairly fresh from playing Sue-Ellen in Dallas was the agency's boss lady.

Xena Warrior Princess. To this day I've not watched a single episode. It was on the back of another pic.

He was one of TV's most loved comics and yet, such is the fickle way of time, there will now be people who watched him avidly who will look at this photo and say "I never liked him, he was creepy..." Benny Hill was a brilliant comedian in an era before political correctness.

Very occasionally and well before 3D TVs came along, the BBC would show a 3D film and would give away red and green tinted cardboard spectacles with the week's Radio Times. This shows an American audience reacting to the 3D effect of something flying at them out of the screen.

Amongst the forgotten things lying in my attic were the three volumes of J.R.R. Tolkein's ground-breaking novel Lord of The Rings. This is the 1979 paperback edition from Unwin. Ages since I read them, but the films of Peter Jackson were so good, that a re-watch might suffice! I still have tons of reading material that has not been previously read!

Far too many of my collection of photography magazines from the 1980s and 90s have been chucked away. All I have managed to find are one or two books and a few assorted pages torn from them, either photos I liked or articles that were interesting enough to read again or refer to for techniques. I was a professional photographer for a few years at the start of my working life and spent much of the 1980s freelancing to various magazines both in the UK and abroad.

Whilst topless shots did feature in photography magazines from time to time, their glamour supplements or issues had far more of this type of image than anything more blatant. Ah, the days of studio lighting and backdrops... Though the closest I ever got to exotic locations was doing an advertising shoot for the local Odeon who were showing a retro 1950s sci-fi programme. The location was the exterior of the said Odeon...

And I found a box of half a dozen VHS tapes... I don't believe I'll bother finding a player to watch them on...

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