Friday, 14 October 2016

Attic Foray No.1

For some time I've been thinking I should empty the attic whilst I'm fit enough to climb up there. (Fit? You call this fit??? - Yup! Like a butcher's dog...) So seeing as how the pile of stuff up there lifts the roof tiles on warm days when it expands, there could be several forays needed and thus "No.1"...

Now admittedly I didn't spend an awful lot of time up there today and in fact only my top half made it through the trapdoor. This, I hasten to add, was because there was stuff close to hand near the trap door. Not because the bottom half would not fit through! Anyway, the first item to hand was a 45 rpm extended play (E.P.) record.

Released in 1959 this has Enid Blyton herself telling the story whilst Denis Bryer and Cyril Shaps provide voices and songs with backing from no less a personage as Ron Goodwin and His Concert Orchestra. He recorded several albums under Columbia's Studio 2 Stereo label during the 1950s and 60s, being particularly famous for film theme music. He also had several single releases.

A set of Marvel Comics came to hand and turned out to be the complete set of the film adaptation of Robocop 2.

Forgetting for a moment the actual lead character, the rest of the premise - greedy corporations taking over politics and the running of all hitherto publicly-funded services - is eerily starting to become familiar.

Marvel Comics published quite a few film adaptations over the years. I have a two-part adaptation of The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, though sadly the character of Margiana looks nothing like Caroline Munro who played her. The Robocop 2 comics were published August-September 1990.

State of the art graphics for computer games 27 years ago were not quite the bee's knees... This advert was on the back cover of one of the above comics.

This was what I'd actually gone up looking for. My binder of all twelve issues of Film Review magazine from 1979. Whilst up there I replaced my copy of the 1978 binder, forgetting perhaps that the idea is to empty the attic...

So afficionados of my Film Review... er... reviews... can rest assured that the next set of articles will commence sixth or seventh with, if not exactly forthwith!

I also found this binder, which is labelled Practical Photography 1980. Oh, how I wish it still held those magazines. Sometime, probably towards the middle of the 1990s I stupidly (this is what comes of deciding to do things like empty attics...) threw them away. I had loads of them. I did scan the covers of the year 1985, but at the time scanners were not that brilliant, screen resolutions were laughably small and my scans are a mere 227x325 pixels, some of them a mess of contrast and density. I might relent and let you have a look though...

There's definitely a bit of a theme to those covers that you wouldn't find today. If I've offended anyone with these images, then please crawl back into your tiny mind and feel free not to come here to be offended again. I'll try my best not to miss you.

And instead of all those wonderful magazines that contained such good advice about taking photos of all manner of subjects, not just portraits and glamour, I find a set of magazines BBC Homes & Antiques. Can't wait... Fran, why did we buy these...?

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