Friday, 20 May 2016

A 'Bamforth' Comic ... Or Two

A couple of comic postcards today from the Bamforth company who were based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire, later the home of TV's Last of The Summer Wine. Both of these came from the visit to the antiques warehouse the other week.

It's amazing how much social history there is in a simple comic card. Electricity Showrooms disappeared from the high streets of Britain several decades ago. On the right, The Gem vacuum cleaner looks to be based on the Hoover Junior whilst on the extreme left is a washing machine that still has a mangle on top for squeeze-drying clothes.

The card was sent from Tunbridge Wells in Kent on 20 July 1959 to a Nurse Pennington in Dukinfield, near Manchester. The message is very brief: Dear friends, Having a nice holiday. Agnes and Jack

Milestones are a bit of a curiosity these days. I wonder if in some future time people will feel nostalgic for Motorway signposts...? Another bit of social history is apparent in both of these cards - they were produced in a period of time where it was still usual for men to wear hats. They are not there just for comical effect.

This was posted in Peel on the Isle of Man on 31 July 1961 to Scotforth, Lancaster. A slightly longer message on this one and very much from the male point of view, though use of the word "we" does betray that the sender was not alone on his holiday: Dear Hughie, We are having a wonderful time here. The fishing is great. There are stacks of mackeral being caught just by the breakwater. The beer is good and there is plenty of it. Barry

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