Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Blackpool Bathing Belles

Just over one hundred years ago, this postcard was bought by a lady called Florence to send to her friend, Rose, who lived in Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire.

The postcard was postmarked at 4:00pm on 18 August 1913. It was published by The "Philco" Publishing Co. and is one of a style that was run through an embossing machine. A border of raised leaves surrounds a design with foliage to two corners, greeting and message in the other corners and an oval embossed depression with photograph. Entitled: Paddling at Blackpool, the photograph gives the impression that the photographer sent his dog to round up a few paddling females and told them to stand awkwardly whilst he took his photo. The young lady on the right liked the look of him so much she has hitched her skirt well above the knee in order to impress. Meanwhile, to her side, someone who has eaten a few too many whelks has unfortunately leaned into the photo as she returns them to the sea...

Florence writes:

"Dear Rose, Have arrived safely at about 8:45. It is a lovely day but it's rather hot. Am already sunburnt. We've been sitting on the sands this morning watching the tide come in. With love, Florence."

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