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Film Review, May 1977 Issue

Doesn't time fly? We're at May 1977 already in my run through of my Film Review magazine collection! Michael Caine gets the front cover this time for the film The Eagle Has Landed.

We'll return for a closer look at this film and its other stars, as it gets a two-page spread further inside the mag.

Inside the front cover is an advert for Bacardi white rum - obviously tipple of choice for the richer and more energetic!

On the contents page is a photo of David Niven with the 14-year-old Jodie Foster. By this tender age she had played a gangster's moll, a child prostitute and a murderer. Now she was to appear with David Niven in a film for Disney called Candleshoe.

The magazine has a good crop of glamour girls this month and I have to start with Caroline Munro because I've been privileged to count her as a friend for almost 20 years now. At the time Caroline was filming the next James Bond film with Roger Moore called The Spy Who Loved Me. She plays the assistant to the villain of the piece, Karl Stromberg. She gets to shoot up Bond's car from a helicopter and her wink at him features regularly in any countdown of the top Bond sexy moments! This film (and Caroline!) will feature again as its release comes round!

Continuing the Bond theme, although via a tenuous link this time, the three girls here were involved in an occult thriller called Spectre! The film ended up bypassing the cinema and went straight to TV, but two of these girls were to become very well known indeed. Vicki Michelle at the top became famous as Yvette in TV's 'Allo 'Allo.

At the bottom of the photo, Penny Irving had already featured in several films such as Carry On Dick, Percy's Progress, Vampira and Aces High and was the secretary to Young Mr Grace in the TV series of Are You Being Served.

In the centre, Lindy Benson would struggle to achieve the national recognition given to the other two but featured in the films: To The Devil A Daughter, Adventures of A Plumber's Mate, The World Is Full Of Married Men etc.

And back to Michael Caine and the new film, The Eagle Has Landed. It concerns a story based in truth about a Nazi plot during World War II to kidnap Churchill by landing a small force of paratroopers in Britain. Whilst we know in advance that the plot cannot succeed, the film was exciting and had a huge cast of big names.

Donald Sutherland played an Belfast man (with a southern Irish accent) in the pay of the Nazis. He gains the affections of a girl, played by Jenny Agutter.

Anthony Quayle playing Admiral Canaris, speaks to a chillingly authentic looking Himmler, played by Donald Pleasance.

Robin Askwith plays a conscript at the end of his National Service who finds that his required service has been increased from 18 months to two years due to the war situation in the Far East. The film is given a one-and-a-half page write up with a number of photos.

Pamela Stephenson is shown in a scene from the film on a two-page spread of yet more starlets. Indeed this issue is generously filled with photos of starlets! Also on the two-page spread and also from Stand Up Virgin Soldiers is Fiesta Mei-Ling and from other current productions are Koo Stark, Jill Clayburgh, Ellen Greene, Jessica Lange and Jane Hitchcock.

Last time I featured a full-page advert for World Records. This time Permaprints were offering printed T-shirts or polo shirts with a number of designs which will immediately strike a chord with anyone alive at the time!

My options for toiletry adverts are fast running out! We've had Valderma medicated soap and Astral skin moisturiser and all of these seem to be long-running contract adverts. So we are precariously close to resorting to Clearasil which zaps zits or Compound W which does for warts...

For now though we have Wella Blo dry with a handy step-by-step guide to giving yourself straight or curly hair. I've tried the steps for curly hair, but don't seem to have got the hang of it yet...

The centre spread this time is a double-page advert for Martini Bianco. The cinema adverts for Martini were fabulous and I also remember the one for Gordon's Gin very vividly which purported to have gin flowing from a dam and out of huge pipes all seen through a green glass bottle. And it's impossible for me to even glimpse the word "Martini" without the song going through my head - "Try the taste of Martini, the most beautiful drink in the world. It's the right one, it's the bright one... it's Martini!" or alternatively: "Any time, any place, anywhere..."

And in a mag filled with pics of beautiful starlets, this issue leaves us with yet another. Christina Raines is shown on the back cover "relaxing between filming hair-raising scenes" for the forthcoming thriller The Sentinel. Whilst not as famous as some of the other actresses featured, she still has 45 credits on her IMDB page. She played one-off parts in many famous American TV series and mini-series including Kojak, Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker, The Love Boat, Highway to Heaven etc.

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