Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Film Review, March 1977 Issue

The third of my Film Review magazines features that square-jawed icon of heroic proportions, Charlton Heston.

Ben Hur, El Cid, Moses, Taylor - the hero of Planet of The Apes, Jason Colby... he's played them all.

He is featured in the magazine for two roles: in Two Minute Warning he plays a police captain at a high-profile ball game where TV cameras have found a sniper with a rifle high on a tower. Unable to clear the stadium in case it causes him to start shooting and unable to rush the gunman because of his position the police captain has to come up with a strategy to capture the gunman without risk to the crowd. The other film is Battle of Midway and tells the story of the Second World War battle for the tiny atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The film had a host of famous names including Henry Fonda, James Coburn, Glenn Ford, Robert Michum, Cliff Robertson and Robert Wagner. Toshiro Mifune, described as Japan's most honoured star, played Japanese Admiral Yamamoto.

Inside the front cover is an advertisement for Smirnoff Vodka, one of a series of people satisfied with their lot... A more witty series of adverts from this company was shortly to appear and will no doubt feature soon.

A number of glamorous actresses are featured in the magazine, starting with the unknown Christina World who had been asked to change her name for her starring role in The Golden Lady which it was hoped (in vain) would be the first of a series about a female spy to rival James Bond. This meant the film could be advertised as starring "Miss World"... I remember going to see it when it came out but can remember nothing about it at all apart from the fact that Suzanne Danielle, soon to appear in Carry On Emmanuelle played one of her sidekicks.

Sissy Spacek played the title character in the spooky film Carrie about a girl who develops the ability to move objects with the power of her mind (telekinesis). Subjected to bullying by her classmates to a horrifying degree she is soaked in pig blood at the school prom and goes into a revenge mode that would make the X-Men jealous. Making her way home to her religious freak of a mother she has just time to clean herself up before dipso mummy becomes convinced her daughter is a witch and must die. At the very end of the film is a shock moment so good that the entire cinema audience shouted aloud and took a good minute to settle down following this moment!

Charlotte Rampling was featured in a two page interview. At the time she was filming The Purple Taxi playing a spoiled and sophisticated international jet setter, married to a German prince.

There had been Airport films in 1970 and 1975 and now for 1977 a Jumbo jet was to crash into the sea giving a film crossing from the usual Airport bomb and difficult landing conditions to problems of the Poseidon Adventure sort!

A competition to win one of Ford's new Fiesta cars (first brought out in 1976) was sponsored by medicated soap Valderma. Six photos of current actresses were featured and to win you had to name them and then match each of them with the film they were currently appearing in. Oh... and say why you used Valderma soap. No doubt something along the lines of "It stops my face from erupting into yellow spots..."

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