Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Day in Costa Maya, Mexico

Friday 13 February 2015. Not the most auspicious date for a day on holiday, but we push any superstitious notions to the back of our minds and wake up to this rather lovely view.

We are at Costa Maya in Mexico for the day. Excursion trips are heading off to Kohinlich and Dzibanche Mayan ruins , which sound really interesting, but it is again an 8 hour trip and we are here to relax and chill. We start the day with a wander all the way round the ship on the Promenade Deck on Deck 9.

The view from the other side is more natural but no less beautiful. Look at the colour of that sea and the white tropical beach!

We decide we'll jump ship and have a wander before spending a nice undemanding afternoon reading and soaking up rays and long cool drinks...

Costa Maya has a small collection of bars and shops, the proprietors of which will call you in with a cheery wave and an invite, but without any insistence. A group dressed in Mayan Indian traditional dress were posing for photos.

It's a rather startling shade of pink, but not unpleasing! Sun loungers are placed around the pool with the fountains and there are plenty of bars within a few steps.

Our ship is hidden to the right behind the trees. The other ship in port was the Norwegian Dawn of NCL Cruises.

There was a series of small interconnected pools and this one offered dolphin encounters where tourists were lined against the wall and a dolphin approached each person in turn before turning and swimming on its side, waving a flipper to say "That's your lot!" We felt a bit sorry for the dolphins - the pools were only small and I suspect they may not get the chance to leave every night deciding whether or not to come back...

We came back with the inevitable fridge magnets and spent the afternoon as previously anticipated. Tomas and Maris did a half hour spot and then joined us for a bit at our table. Cor, this is the life... Shame it is only for a week!

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