Sunday, 14 September 2014

2014 Reading Part 6

Being on holiday gives me plenty of time to catch up with my reading so another 8 books have been devoured and are presented here for your delight and delectation.

The second in the series of Third Pig mysteries - the Third Pig being the survivor of the wolf and blown houses incident. I admit I read the first one out of curiosity mainly because of the name of the author but, though short, the tale was good enough to tempt me into buying the next two in the series. This is the second, where our porcine sleuth has to solve the mysterious disappearance of Santa just before Christmas. Good fun!

The third in the series of the John Carter novels. The second ended with his beloved Dejah Thoris imprisoned with a new character, Thuvia, in a prison cell that was only accessible once every year. This book describes how Carter finds out this is not true and then pursues the bad guys who have released Dejah Thoris and Thuvia and abducted them for political gain. Lots of derring do from the author of Tarzan.

"Want some tea, Ern?" No one over the age of 50 will ever think that there were better comedians than Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. Whilst always more than just a straight man, "Little Ern" was somehow perhaps in the shadow of the very quick-witted Eric. His career started well before their meeting however and he was a star of the variety stage as a protege of impresario and band leader, Jack Hylton. This is the authorised biography and very entertaining and informative. Whilst Eric was to the fore on stage, it was Ernie who took the lead in business deals and promoting the act. Tells it like what it was.

I found this on a day in Keswick. I have already reviewed Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy in the past and the stand-alone follow up that told the tale of King Arthur's later life. This doesn't actually involve either of those two main figures, but describes other events going on at the time of Arthur. His sister Morgan is as close as we get to royal Camelot and she plays a devious part in this tale of a young nobleman, fleeing from a murderous uncle, the king of Cornwall. Ok, but not a patch on the Merlin trilogy especially.

This however... I started this series after watching the TV series, The White Queen and I went into the first book not sure if it was meant for female readers. However having got through The White Queen, The Red Queen and The Rivers Girl , I suspect I may be hooked... This book tells the tale of the same events as the White and Red Queens but from the viewpoint of Anne Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick and eventually the queen of Richard III. A fabulous series.

And likewise, I don't think I've ever been disappointed by a Tom Holt book. This one follows the struggles of a firm of lawyers who just happen to be werewolves. Barking...!

If I'm totally being honest, I haven't yet got through all 11 of the novellas and short stories in this Kindle megapack of science fiction. I like to vary my reading a bit! This has some familiar stories in their early guises from first publication in pulp magazines. The deathworld stories and the Stainless Steel Rat have made appearances as well as a couple of other stories new to me have been read so far. I still have a few other stories to read which will be slotted in between other books. Well worth the price though!

I found this on a second-hand bookstall and, having met the decidedly delectable Miss Ekland two or three times, I couldn't resist picking this up. I always find it interesting reading about the lives of those who manage to rise to any sort of prominence. This book dates from 1979 and Britt tells a frank and brave account of her life from early years through the cloying and jealous attention of first husband Peter Sellers to the end of her relationship with rock star Rod Stewart. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful of Bond girls, playing opposite Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun. I met her in 2002, 2003 and again in 2005 when the photo below was taken and she was looking absolutely gorgeous and she came across as a lovely person.

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