Saturday, 9 November 2013

You Wanna See My Turkish Postcards?

A quick postscript to the recent holiday. I do from time to time buy the odd postcard as you may have gathered and during the holiday to the Aegean and Holy Land I bought a few postcards in Turkey on our last day.

This one is pretty neat because it shows all three places we saw on our last day of the cruise. The ship docked in Alanya, right near to the Red Tower shown in the centre of the postcard. We visited the waterfall at Manavgat and the Roman remains at Side ("see-day"). So in this one postcard there's a lot of memories!

The second one - well, we suffered a total lack of belly dancers during the day, which seems kind of lackadaisical on the part of the Turkish tour company who took us round the sights! Perhaps some of their guides could be trained up, or maybe drivers, who could spend the time at traffic lights a little more productively...? We also failed to eat any meat roasted kebab style, despite best efforts. Mind you, it was a morning only tour and we were back at the ship by lunch time, but if they had tried hard I'm sure we could have managed a nibble!

And here's a great aerial shot of Side and this shows just how recent was the restoration of the fountain in the Temple of Dionysus. On this postcard there's an empty plinth waiting for the workmen to arrive. In Britain there's a policy of not restoring any of our old castles or ruins. Many of the old monasteries have lawns where the interior of the great monastic churches stood. As long as any available old materials are used I don't see anything wrong with a little tasteful restoration.

We didn't get to go into the amphitheatre at Side even though we saw it from outside. So this postcard gives a good idea of the size of the theatre and the huge capacity of the audience seating. All these postcards exude the culture of the places we went to and... what? You want to see more of... Oh come on... Well yes it may be cultural but...

Oh, heck, why not...

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