Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Red Arrows Display, Blackpool Air Show 2013

Not a lot of text to go with this as I'm sure I don't need to say a lot about the RAF's famous aerobatic team! The photos were taken on the second day of Blackpool's Air Show a couple of weeks ago, which this year was held over two days, Sunday and Monday. Miss Franny and I went down with daughter Gill and granddaughter, Grace, to meet David and Jeannie. We were moved off the steps to the beach - "There's going to be an Air Display you know..." Ye-es... we did know and I've never yet seen one come so close to the Promenade that we would be in any danger from standing two yards in front of it. And if anything went wrong and there was a disaster, we would be as safe there as we would be at home in Bispham...

Today's Britain is obsessed with Health & Safety, mostly thanks to the legal profession trying to argue that people should be allowed to go about with brains switched off and eyes shut and if anything happens to them it's someone's fault and they should be sued... If judges made sensible decisions the scams would dry up. Meanwhile those in authority think up ludicrous excuses for their rules.

Rant over - here's the Red Arrows!

I hope you like the photos - we'll have a look at the World War II war planes next time. There are some larger versions of the photos available from this set at Flickr.


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