Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Brief Stop in Hellesylt

Wednesday 7 August 2013. After the rain of yesterday it was a relief to get up onto the deck of Thomson Spirit and see a bit of sunshine!

It is really early in the morning. We were booked for a full day tour called Essence of Norway and the ship was calling here at Hellesylt for the sole purpose of dropping off any passengers going on that tour. The ship would then sail away and we would rejoin it at the end of the day at Geiranger.

After the rain, the waterfalls were pretty spectacular. We stayed up on deck, a little huddle of passengers together on the front of the Promenade Deck under the windows of the ship's bridge, watching the magnificent scenery glide past us as we made our way into the tiny village of Hellesylt.

The best waterfall, if not the highest, was waiting for us in Hellesylt itself. Flowing under two bridges to join the waters of the fjord. By now the Promenade Deck was fairly crowded and cameras were clicking away merrily! We went off to find some breakfast and to get ready for disembarking the ship. The tour left at 9:30am and it would be 5:00pm before we saw the ship again. This one tour alone was to make up for the two days of rain we had experienced so far in Norway. The weather was brilliant and the tour will include a glacier, mountains, lakes, plenty of hairpin bends and a crashed Heinkel bomber. You won't miss the next entry or two will you?

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