Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hear the Actual Crashes!

Came across this several years ago and grabbed a photo of it in on a market stall. This LP record has no songs, no music, just a recording of racing cars recorded at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Annual Classic with a few interviews with the drivers included.

Recorded in 1957, who could resist this in the early days of stereo as cars scream from one speaker to the other. In order to really give the hard sell and make it totally irresistible the banner across the front proudly proclaims "Hear the actual crashes"! Oh yes, that will really sell it! You can just picture those of a nervous disposition asking the record store staff "Can you hear screams? I... I don't like to hear the pain..." and others asking eagerly "Can you hear screams? I... I like to hear..."

The only full length recording ever made at Indianapolis Speedway! I wonder why...

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