Sunday, 6 January 2013

As Featured on the Magic Eye

I feel a bit like Woody in Toy Story. Strange things keep happening to me. Once news got out that there was a book about Blackpool in the offing I started to get more than the usual trickle of emails.

When? Where? What will be in it? WHEN??? and so on.

And now an interview! It is featured on Gary Radice's The Magic Eye website, making both the book and this website eligible to be described in terms of "as featured on"...

The website is hosted by Joyland Books, who are stocking the book (and at a decent discount I might add).

I found a few old photos from my now defunct Blackpool website which is also featured in the interview. I won't replicate them here, but here's a complimentary one from the 70s that I've been rescanning for a new project - of which, more later!

It shows the Pleasure Beach's Steeplechase ride under construction in 1977.

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