Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 Reading Part 8

I suspect this may be the final book entry for 2012!

Another eight books have been perused, inwardly digested and enjoyed.

To date the final of the Crowner John series. There is another still to read, but it deals with John's adventures in the crusades, a prequel to the rest of the series. This one has yet more life-changing consequences for Sir John de Wolfe, leaving readers to wonder whether there will be any more books about Exeter's first coroner.

A re-read of this collection of short stories about super heroes. Well... heroes... well... Britain's super-powered citizens must register with a special Government department who can call upon their services as and when required. However whilst there may be some genuine super powers amongst them there are also the woefully dismally powered. For instance Captain Croak, whose power is the ability to transform himself into a frog. Still weighing twelve stones... Still unable to swim... hilarious!

The second in a trilogy written by Bernard Cornwell under a pseudonym. They were originally published as written by Susannah Kells. Despite having a touch more of the romantic about them, this one also has some quite sadistic and bloodthirsty planning and deeds committed by the characters and keeps the reader guessing right to the end. Enjoyed it far more than I expected to.

Another re-read as I work my way towards the found sequel to Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy. This is the second of the trilogy and deals with Merlin's arrangements for the upbringing of the boy Arthur and his own search for a magical sword for the boy king to wave at those rascally Saxons. If you like Arthurian legend and haven't read this series then I can't recommend it enough.

In fact I think all the rest are re-reads. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World is an excellent yarn with far fewer dinosaurs than most film versions but no less a good read for that. I found this free download for the Kindle and a full set of Sherlock Holmes to boot, none of which I have ever read, so an experience to come!

The second of the Gregory Sallust WWII spy series sees Gregory realise who the mysterious blonde was who he came across in The Scarlet Imposter. He makes his way back to find her, involving her, himself, and the unfortunate pilot who was supposed to be flying him home in a few life or death struggles through Finland and Russia along the way. Ages since I read these and I'm enjoying them all over again!

Oops! I went out of sequence here, inadvertently skipping over Five Get Into Trouble which I'll have to backtrack to read. But this marks the first appearance of gypsy girl Jo - yet another of Enid Blyton's gender-rejecting female heroines who gets slogged by Dick and promptly falls in (very innocent) love with him! Tsk! Wouldn't be allowed today!

If you've been following my blog you might have predicted this. This is my own newly published book which dropped through the post a few days ago. Whilst a brand new book it is still technically a re-read seeing as I suppose I "read" it whilst writing it and anyway read the proofs in order to approve them! And it really is ok if you like that sort of thing!

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