Monday, 12 November 2012

2012 Reading Part 7

Phew! Another eight books have passed in front of my eyes from cover to cover, end to end, first word to last!

I saw this one on an Amazon listing whilst looking to see whether there was another Matthew Shardlake book in the offing from C.J. Sansum. Sadly not... But this whiz through the life of Henry VIII, although it did feel like too much of a whiz, was quite entertaining.

The first book went through electronically on the Kindle, but this next one was one I spied in a jumble sale and snapped up for a matter of a few pence. Not many on the Kindle format for that sort of price purely because they have belonged already to someone else. Sigh... I bought the first three Adrian Mole books when they were new but I've only just come to realise I still have a few to read! Must keep an eye open for more jumble sales...

Remember when you were young enough to believe that a night watchman would be petrified of ghost trains clanking through his deserted goods yard? No... me neither! But who cares? Ju acts grown up - well no actually the two boys throw a strop because George has thrown a strop and sneak off for an adventure on their own. (Apologies to any four year old readers to whom this comes as a spoiler...) The baddies have gone to the horrendous expense of having a whole swinging wall built inside a railway tunnel - you have to invest to make the most of a heist business!

I'm not sure how many times I read the Famous Five series as a kid, but this was only my second reading of the final Harry Potter book and I found loads of bits that my brain missed on the first pass and I actually liked the book much better on this reading! JK, please forgive me but I'm waiting for the price of your new adult book to come down a bit before it graces my Kindle!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly may remember that we found a book sale in the aircraft museum in Norfolk a few weeks ago and one of the books that came from that was a follow up to Mary Stewart's wonderful Merlin/Arthurian trilogy. I decided I was going to re-read that trilogy before reading the follow-up and this is the first of the three dealing with Merlin as a boy and young man up to the disguising of Uther Pendragon to bring about the conception of Arthur.

The second of Larry Niven's Ringworld books, this also came from a jumble sale ages ago but had remained unread as I realised I was missing the first in this particular trilogy. The third book is standing by to be read and is one that I have never read before. The first two I read as a young adult.

Probably my favourite of the western outlaw-cum-lawman Sudden. This is set in the gold town of Deadwood and has Wild Bill Hickok as a character (though not Calamity Jane). There's never any mistaking who the villains are in Oliver Strange's series and they're the usual mean hombres, callous and almost all without a single redeeming feature!

Dennis Wheatley's series about Gregory Sallust has a couple of stand-alone novels, one of which is set in an imagined defeated Britain under German rule post World War II. The best of the Sallust books to my mind are from book 3 onwards, with the character as a spy working in Germany during the war. Why Wheatley didn't just invent a new character is a question many must have asked. The book came out of the attic along with others in the series. Ages since I read them, probably 35-40 years, but they require a certain stamina to get past the detailed background history that is generally presented as a sort of series of mutually admiring dialogues between two people!

Mostly re-reads then for this seventh instalment of the year, but no less entertaining for that.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about Sudden! My dad had the whole set and I read them all, even the ones that were written by somebody other than Oliver Strange (and you could tell the difference!).


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