Sunday, 22 July 2012

Time for Antiques

We spent today sitting in traffic queues mostly. We decided to go out to Bygone Times, the large antiques warehouse near Chorley, but fell foul of some sort of cycle rally that seemed to have several thousand bikes involved and half the Lancashire police force holding traffic up for miles (literally in some cases) at any traffic lights or junction they might go through.

Anyway it's been a nice day even for sitting in a hot car so no real harm done. I found a few bits and pieces to bring home.

I found a couple of books to tide me over - another Tarzan book where he meets yet another improbable race of miniature humans and a rarity, another of Oliver Strange's western series about the gunslinger-cum-lawman, Sudden. Years since I read this one and looking forward to reading it again. Strange only wrote eight books in the series, though the character was taken up after his death by Frederick H. Christian. Christian's books are very repetitive and not as good in my opinion, but I am trying to find all of those written by Oliver Strange. This is only my third. I'm leaving Ebay alone - it takes all the fun out of searching!

And of course I found a few postcards to add to the collection! This is of a very rudimentary Cleveleys Promenade from a postcard posted in August 1914. Writing to an address in Blackburn Nellie says: "I have seen our Bill this morning. He says they are going on alright and are enjoying themselves champion. Yours, Nellie"

Ten years (and one day) earlier, S.B.J. was writing back to Southport from a holiday in Great Yarmouth. Not sure that he or she was enjoying themselves or not because all they say, rather dismissively is: "Here we are in the land of Bloaters! Reminds one very much of Blackpool. S.B.J."

Hey, SB... you know where your bread's buttered!

There were a few comic postcards too - I'll save those for a future entry!

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