Saturday, 5 May 2012

2012 Reading Part 3

I've been a bit conspicuous by my absence lately and I'm sorry for that. Comes of a writing deadline of another sort and the fact that I'm charging about the country even more than usual. Both of which conspire to leave me little time for either writing blog entries or, more to the point, doing things to write about!

But travelling about the country for work means lots of hotel rooms for reading in so the next eight books have come and gone. So let's have a look what I've been flipping pages about.

Having started the Harry Potter series again last time, I've read through episodes two and three, which means I only have the larger books to go through again now! Brilliant books, full of one-line humour and throw-away descriptions that are hilarious and that you just can't get from the films because they would have added too much to the length. I'm looking forward to the next!

The 11th in the Crowner John series by Bernard Knight has the 12th century coroner finding himself torn. By law at the time anyone could lop off an outlaw's head and claim a reward and it was the duty of law officers to do so. However John finds that a certain nobleman became an outlaw by default as to have kept to the letter of the law would have resulted in his death by unscrupulous land and property grabbers. John finds himself in the strange position of having to defend the outlaw and his men against a common foe who claims to have the law on his side.

I just love Tom Holt's books. Ordinary people plunged into the most extraordinary circumstances and nightmare situations where the fantasy world meets ours. Here two ordinary people get a hundrum job against their expectations only to find that the firm is otherwise staffed by goblins and magicians, some of whom are just downright dishonest! What would you do if you fell in love with the gorgeous receptionist only to find she really has red eyes and sharp fangs and is your boss's mother...? Laugh out loud funny!

Bog standard Britain is a rant by Quentin Letts who dares to say what a lot of people feel - things like that foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay should wash his mouth out with soap and water. Lots of good points delivered in an amusing way hankering for a return to more formal ways of living and speaking. The loss of which has led to "respect" being something that is said by moronic people to other moronic people after they have done something that is obviously the opposite of showing respect.

George R.R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire, known to many as TV's Game of Thrones continues with two books to the third book (huh?) which I think I've read - I'm reading this on my Kindle so maybe part one of the third book had two parts before the fourth book (which is the second part of the third book) starts (huh? huh?!?).

And the confusion wasn't helped by the fact that whilst I read either the two parts of book three or the two parts of book 3 (huh?) I was also reading a real book (huh?!?) which was the updated episode of Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend in which our somewhat less-than-confident hero has reached the age of 30, has a failed marriage behind him and a small son to look after whilst his darling Pandora becomes one of Blair's Babes and their respective parents swap partners causing hilarious devastation around them whilst the humourless Adrian tries to cope with new-found notoriety as a bumbling TV chef specialising in offal. Offally Good...

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