Sunday, 28 August 2011

Split, Croatia

Thursday 18 August 2011. The Thomson Spirit sails into dock in Split, Croatia.

Again, just by walking a few yards from the ship, we find ourselves standing outside the old city walls. The walk along the waterfront is beautiful and there are benches every few yards. (Blackpool are you paying attention?)

Quite a bit of the city wall and some of the older buildings have been lost here during one spell of fighting or another.

This is the gate that we entered the old part of the city through.

It enters next to the Cathedral of St Duje in the left hand photo above.

The old city of Split is built over a Roman Palace, built for the retirement home of Emperor Diocletian in AD 305 (actually the first Roman Emperor to retire rather than die or be overthrown).

The city is typical of medieval towns with a number of narrow streets leading to squares or piazzas.

This one was particularly beautiful, mainly for the decorated building facing us. Behind us though was an extremely early clock tower and clock. It was a popular stop on guided tours as several were jostling for position and I even got stepped on by one woman, camera glued to her eye instead of looking where she was going. She was in her twenties and very pretty and apologised profusely in French which shocked me so much (normally the French would just glare at you for getting in the way) that I smiled at her and offered the other foot...

Once again it was somewhat warmer than it gets in Blackpool! We made our way out of the old city and down to one of the benches on the seafront before strolling back to the ship for our last afternoon. Why does time go so much faster when you are on holiday?!?

Large versions of the photos: all the photos from the holiday can be found in this set at Flickr.

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