Monday, 25 July 2011

Ibiza - Sun, Sea and Sadly Nothing Else...

11 August 2006. Our last day on the cruise! We visit Ibiza, island of sun, sea and Sky TV crews trying to catch people being mucky!

We hadn't booked a tour this day so again got off the ship and made our own way around.

Another very hot day, meant that I was soon looking for something to drink. Luckily bars and pavement cafes are not that uncommon in Ibiza!

However this is very early morning. Ibiza seemed almost deserted! Those holidaymakers who come for the night life are not going to be up and about at 9 o'clock in the morning!

We found a series of small shopping pedestrian streets and wound our way up and down them. As expected there were lots of music shops selling CDs of club music. Clothes shops too with some stunning linen skirts and dresses but the prices were quite stunning too!

As an ex-leatherworker, Fran's nose always seeks out the leather shops! I was almost tempted to buy a suede waistcoat, but the UK, or perhaps all of the aviation world, was in the crisis of a new type of terrorist threat and all hand luggage had been banned on flights so our suitcase space was at a premium as cameras would have to go in!

We had a wander through some deserted back streets, full of character and populated only by a few thin cats.

The morning approached the afternoon and the streets were still deserted.

It felt a bit eerie somehow and we made our way back to the port area and the ship.

As it was our last night we treated ourselves to silver service treatment in the Island Star's Steak House restaurant. Then the packing was interesting with my camera and lenses, Fran's handbag and all our books, stereos and phones having to go in the suitcases.

It was an absolute joy to get on the aeroplane though. No one standing for ages blocking the aisle whilst looking for that last minute thing they desperately needed from their hand luggage that had already been placed in an overhead locker... I was pleased to see everything undamaged once we got home. At Manchester airport a girl had opened her case immmediately to find her phone had melted in her case!

That was the first of four cruises we took on the Island Star. You can find the others on this blog.

Large versions of the photos: all the photos from this holiday are in a special set at my Flickr account.

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