Monday, 20 June 2011

Blackpool Winter Gardens

A few weeks ago I published an article that included this photograph of the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

This was taken in April this year, but as I've been scanning my old negatives I've come across a couple of views taken from almost the same position and allow for a bit of comparison.

This one was taken in June 1982 and was taken in black and white as, at the time, I was freelancing to magazines and there was far greater use of black and white photographs in magazines then. Unfortunately that doesn't allow us to admire the colour scheme so much, but it does remind us that the comedy act Little and Large were topping the bill at the Opera House and the Irish singer and Eurovision winner, Dana was supporting them.

Fast forward to April 1998 and there's some screening to the right. I'm wondering whether this was the point where they took the doors of the men's toilets - they hid an immediate flight of steps that it was very easy to fall down after walking through the doors. I know from painful experience!

Our view is blocked by the kiosk in the centre but luckily I took another photo after walking past it!

Whilst I'm not sure who was on for the summer season at the Opera House in 1998 there's a poster here advertising a one-nighter by The Hollies.

Large versions of the photos: 2011, 1982, 1998 (1), 1998 (2)

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