Friday, 22 April 2011

Foreign Food, Winter Gardens and Footwear

Good Friday. Name and nature. We set off this morning with breakfast in town with David and Jeannie. I almost decided to forego the fry-up but I've never liked muesli since almost drowning a while ago - a strong currant pulled me in...

Anyway, Fran had said to take my camera as the Continental market was in town. This was a French pastries and bread stall but the one that had me almost forgetting I'd just stuffed bacon and eggs down my chops was the German one opposite. I've never really trusted sausages that are admitted by the makers to be wurst, but the stallholder had shovelled a massive amount of potato slices into a massive pan and the smell of those scallops was drawing people from far and wide. I desisted easily though after a full English - and I was supporting the home country!

The Winter Gardens has been having a bit of a refurb recently. The doors were open this morning though so we thought we'd have a shufti!

Nice and shiny (I presume they haven't yet got round to washing the outside of the glass panes in the arched roof - and to be fair, access looks as thugh it may be a bit of a job!)

This hasn't really changed but I've never got a decent photo of it before. The Galleon Bar is themed around an old sailing ship and is absolutely stunning inside. Normally filled with people every night trying to grab a drink at half time from the theatre and neck it quick in order to get back to their seats for the second half!

The adjoining amusement arcade has lost its machines and is now a cafeteria. Looks a little bit like Jazz Age styling.

Oh! And there's one other thing to show you...

I've been fancying this front shoe for ages... It's just a touch expensive but wouldn't it look great on stage?!? Sooner or later I'm going to ask if they've got one for the other foot...

Large Versions of the Photos: market stall, Winter Gardens, Galleon Bar, cafe

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