Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Lakes in Sunshine

The last entry showed England's Lake District through a veil of rain. Probably, it has to be said, the most common view to be had of the region.

However on a sunny day it really is one of the most truly beautiful places on earth. If you can find a parking place (because everyone else knows this is a beautiful place too...) then it's a joy to just totter about on the two sticks we call legs.

These photographs were taken on 4 October 1981 of Monk Coniston, one of the corners of Coniston Water which is a little quieter than Bowness on Windermere or Derwentwater and Keswick, though again if people get into double figures at this spot then it's crowded! Three people are enough to block access to the lake edge almost...

This is a fabulous place to be when the leaves are changing colour in the autumn though.

From there we motored along to Yew Tree Tarn, a man-made lake with an earthwork dam at one end. It's not too well known - I had to find it on the map to name it. It takes just 20 minutes to stroll round it, which even my townie feet can manage!

A couple of these photos were published in the magazine Lakescene in the early 80s. I used to be a fairly regular contributor.

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