Sunday, 9 January 2011

Colin Paul & The Persuaders

Last night Miss Franny and I visited a fairly local part of the world that I'm not totally familiar with - Altrincham. Despite the spelling, you say it "Oll-tring-am".

But who cares whether the original inhabitants were poor spellers? The present locals know their rock and roll!!!

We were there to share in the experience that was Colin Paul and The Persauders with The Passionettes providing backing vocals. And the result? Crackin', our Colin!

We've been privileged ourselves to appear on the same bill (if somewhat lower down) as Colin in the past but this show was his own showcase, doing tributes to Billy Fury in the first half and then to Elvis (whose 76th birthday it would have been yesterday) in the second half.

He can make his voice resemble Elvis quite closely - The Sweet Inspirations, Elvis's own backing singers for a period described him as "The closest voice to Elvis we have heard" and he is known as "The Brit who rocks Memphis".

A brilliant night, made better by catching up with a few pals from the Blly Fury forum at If you like a good night out and like good music then don't miss the chance to see these guys if they are anywhere near you!

Colin Paul and the Persuaders website:
The Passionettes website:

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