Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Have I Mentioned the Weather?

Cor! Snow is normally an event in Blackpool. Just every now and then we get some. I used to reckon about every six years but we had some last year around the end of November and this year the entire country seems to be under a layer of the white stuff.

It's the temperatures that have gone with this lot that has been the eye-opener!

Last night we took Mum out for a meal with Gill and Eddie and had a great night at the Red Lion in Bispham.

We were already standing and putting coats on when the carol singers arrived but I don't think they minded as I assured them as we walked past that we hadn't heard them before...!

We took Mum back home and the car registered -14°C on the display. Brrrr! No comments about yellow snow thank you... it's the artificial light!


  1. SNOW? That's not snow, it is just a dusting! Now let's show you snow .... Just kidding. I know it is all about what you're used to!
    This was about 90 minutes from where we are, at London, Ontario:

  2. That video is an hour and a half away from you though! Come clean now - all you have is a dusting isn't it? Huh? Well? Heh heh! Other readers can click the link for "Ladies Over The Water" to see how brave I'm being here...


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