Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Harrods Story Debunked

A nice story going the rounds about a disgruntled worker getting revenge on the Harrods store.

Apparently the chap barricaded himself in the room with the controls to the 10,000 bulbs of the store's Christmas lights and managed to create this message.

Which is quite funny until you start to think about it and realise that there would never be a room with 10,000 individual switches and, even if there were, it would take some unique skill with a switch toggle to curve the strings of lights into the curves shown for the letter "K"...

A search on Google for "harrods" lists the story quite a lot - but only from blogs and joke sites. Not a single news site is mentioned.

And what a disappointment...

Do a search on Google Images for "harrods christmas lights" and look what is the very first photo to come up - taken on Oct 29 2009.

Please try harder...


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  1. Looks like someone with new Photoshop software did it! Didn't you just up-date your soft.....


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