Saturday, 18 December 2010

Blackpool Snow

It's not too often we get the white stuff in Blackpool but today threw a bit at us!

Early morning in the town centre. This is the (fairly) new sculpture in the new pedestrianised town centre around St John's Square.

I'd like to say "I walked" but actally I tottered and slithered down to the Promenade in order to take this photo looking towards the Central Pier from the corner of Mr Bee's arcade on the Golden Mile.

The Promenade is closed to southbound traffic until (wait for it) July 2011. Actually you have no choice - you have to wait for it... The current work will see the completion of the headland near the North Pier and the sea defences and the roadway will be single track rather than two lanes in each direction, allowing for "exciting" events to be staged on the town centre headland. Look, I don't know... perhaps they'll move the Birdman competition from the North Pier or something... It might make people think twice if they have to bounce down the new stepped sea defences before landing in the sea...

Likewise the Tower is covered in a fair bit of scaffolding (as well as snow!) as it undergoes a major refurbishment inside and at the top.

The old fish tanks in the ground floor aquarium are to disappear which in a way seems a shame. They were on the site before the Tower was! The fish are being given a home in the Sea Life Centre on the Promenade. I'm not sure how they feel about it - seems a bit like a move to an old folks home I guess. Some will look forward to it and meeting new friends and some will be fearful that there will be too much noise and that they'll have to go to bed earlier than they do now... I gather that when the fish were told the electric eel got a right shock...

As you may gather from some of these photos, Blackpool Council haven't put themselves out to grit any pavements or clear snow from the town centre... People slipping and sliding all over the place. All around the country other councils were gritting major roads at least. In Blackpool where were the grit carts? I give up... where were they???

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