Monday, 22 November 2010


Thursday 30 May 1998. We had seen a number of white horses during the week but had not seen what is arguably the most famous one - the Uffington White Horse.

Fran and I left the Rollright Stones and headed into Oxford which was on the way to Uffington.

Oxford has to be one of the most car-unfriendly places in England. Finding a car park was incredibly hard and we had a near heart attack when we found out how much it was to park in the dim and extremely tight dungeon that we drove into.

Oxford is of course a university town but instead of a single university it has numerous colleges, some old and famous, others less aged and renowned.

It also has a number of old buildings in the shopping centre.

It is a place where the bicycle reigns on the road. There were hundreds of cyclists and collections of cycles awaiting collection.

We took the bus tour of Oxford. It is famous for universities you know. Have I said that already? Hmmm - more or less the only thing the bus commentary said also... Boring... This is only my opinion of course, but on the other hand, the faces of fellow passengers all lightened whenever the commentator shut up and music came on the headphones... Even Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland got the merest of mentions.

I have to say that since that day I've been back to Oxford a couple of times and enjoyed it more, but back in 1998 it was easily the most boring place we visited and the lack of signposting and the awful policy attitude to cars did not give a good impression!

Tell you what... let's find that white horse... Moving on...

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