Friday, 19 November 2010

Bourton-On-The-Water, Essence of the Cotswolds

Thursday 30 May 1998. After our day in Bibury and climbing up never-ending hills looking for Barrows, Fran and I spent the first of two nights at Bourton-on-the-Water.

This is early morning after a wonderful breakfast in the conservatory of the hotel - I had to wear sunglasses to breakfast, it was extremely nice!!!

The river is delightfully named the River Windrush and it babbles under several low distinctive bridges. There is plenty of greenery and lots of colour in the trees and flowers.

The buildings are all of the Cotswold mould - the area has inspired many model cottages. In fact, Fran has a collection of them, taking up valuable space that could be used for guitars, pinballs or jukeboxes!

This is the village toy shop! I spent ages looking at model trains and Dinky cars and of course I had to part with a bit of cash...

I had been trying to collect models of all the cars I'd personally owned, but finding recent models (unless one happens to own a Porsche or Ferrari) is not easy at all.

Strange really, I always remember as a boy wanting models of my Dad's car to play with. However I did find a model MkIII Ford Cortina even though mine was a slightly earlier version with different shaped headlights. I bought it and intended undertaking the sacrilege (to serious model collectors) of painting it in the colours of my own car of several years ago. (I never did though...)

At one end of the village we paused to watch the river for a while and looked round the yard of the Motor Museum. It's not big, but every inch of space is used inside!

An old pickup van is parked in the yard to give a taste of what awaits the visitor.

The museum cat was weighing itself on the scales (above) whilst a familiar yellow car announced his presence.

At the time my niece Heather, loved the childrens' TV programme "Brum" about the little car with a mind of its own that sneaks out of this very museum and has adventures in the big city (a rather long way away from here...)

So is he really here?

Of course he is!!!

Large versions of the photos: all the photographs from this holiday can be viewed as a set at Flickr.

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