Monday, 7 September 2009

The Thomson Celebration Late Night Buffet

25 August 2009. As we sailed away from Samos, we were determined to not give in to sleep and to stay out of the cabin long enough to visit the late night buffet.

Now that's what I call a meringue!!!

You will get at least one of these special buffets each week onboard a cruise ship and even if you can't face eating another thing, it is worth taking your camera and going to have a look.

Some ships specialise in making recogniseable models or sculptures such as this Red Indian head dress, made from melon and pineapple whilst others simply create abstract patterns of colour and texture from different foods. There was a mixture of both on the Celebration.

I loved the 3-piece band in the centre piece of this cheese display!

Generally these buffets are opened firstly for passengers to look and take photos for a half hour before they allow anything to be touched and eaten. So there is plenty of time to walk around and see everything before it is spoiled. There were a good two or three hundred passengers had come to see the buffet and we were moving in lines in order to see everything on this night.

An entire poached salmon with head and tail and decorated with cucumber and tomato, oranges and lemon and what on earth the blue thing is, I don't know!

In front of it are slices of salmon decorated with a pea resting on an olive and then a sliver of red pepper.

All the photographs from the cruise are no uploaded to the set at Flickr and I've added links there to each of the blog entries here.

Likewise, I've started to add links to the blog entries of previous holidays to the respective sets of photos at Flickr. You will find them in either the Great Britain or Travels Outside UK collections.

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