Saturday, 1 August 2009

Danger Zone - Sneezing Man, Bunged Up Cat!!!

Yuck! I've got the sneezes. Don't actually think it's a cold as I don't feel ill. Not Swine Flu 'cos there's no grunting... Could be an allergy.

Miss Franny is threatening to fit me with a nose bag. But I'm not that hungry, Fran...!!!

Am nursemaiding Tigger the cat too. Poor thing has got cystitis. Not well at all. She's finding it very hard to go to the loo. Tigger and Jess are seven years old, brother and sister from the same litter. For seven years they have eaten from the same bowl, pooped in the same litter tray and shared everything. Now Jess is learning that means sharing medical diets...

We bought them a new tray so they could have one each and lined it with newspaper. Jess thought it would be excellent to sleep in...

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