Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Bristol and Ship Shaped

I'm in Bristol today and tomorrow and am currently studying the rain outside the hotel window. It's much like the rain anywhere else and I suspect it will wet me just as much as anywhere else when I nip out in a bit for something to eat.

I'm starving too - I had a bowl of Cornflakes first thing this morning; went off to the station and caught a train only to be held up outside Manchester just long enough to miss the connection. So a 6 hour journey down here and I missed out on lunch...

I'm at a meeting to discuss a number of related projects, one of which I'm managing and apart from a brief foray out tonight for food, the only bit of Bristol I'll actually see is from the taxi to and from the station. Such is life.

We have visited Bristol before though and I remember one work trip to a conference over ten years ago where we all had a boat trip around the waterways and harbours and docks which was both interesting and at times hilarious. (I was on the boat with a bar...)

One huge office building for a nationally known company was built over a catacomb containing lots of centuries old graves, I remember the guide saying. The joke was that the publicly owned company was still employing most of them...

Quite apt being in a city with a strong seafaring history as I'm currently re-reading the Bolitho books of Alexander Kent.

I have over a dozen of this series and they are not that big so I can get through one in a couple of days - particularly if there are long train journeys involved.

With a job like mine that involves lots of staying in hotels I get though an enormous amount of books in a year and can quite enjoy going back to read through a series I last read five or more years ago. Now where did I put those Enid Blytons...?

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