Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Man Who Haunted Himself

I know... I just shouldn't open my gob!

After saying yesterday I'd given over buying DVDs, I had bought this one, The Man Who Haunted Himself after being reminded of it, reading Roger Moore's autobiography, My Word is My Bond.

That's an excellent read and I remembered going to see this film at the cinema at least twice - Alex, Jackie; any recollections?

It's about a businessman (Moore) whose friends start accusing him of having been places he knows he has not been and then he meets a glamourous photographer who says he has been having an affair with her. Affronted at having been accused without having had the pleasure, he has to start to solve the mystery.

Supported by Hildegard Neil and the brilliant Thorley Walters, who appeared in so many Hammer Horror films the film is well worth watching. I thought I could remember a scene at Trafalgar Square, but it wasn't in this version. I could be thinking of another film though.

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