Monday, 15 June 2009

They're Back! The Nolans!

Ohhhhh.... I'm in the mood for dancing! They are back!

Yes! The Nolans! They've split up, reformed, always had another sister ready to step in if one stepped out, battled illness, been derided, but I love them! And they have reformed to go on tour again!

So as an owner of all seven chart singles and a few more besides, plus around the same number of albums, will I stir myself to see them when they play their home town of Blackpool? Anne, Bernie, Linda, Colleen and (ooh...) Maureen - you betcha!

I've gotta pull myself together, don't make waves 'cos we got the chemistry right so pay some attention to me and be gentle, don't love me too hard because who's gonna rock you? Right! Me! Spirit body and soul...

Think I got them all in... Wonder if they need a guitarist...

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