Monday, 22 June 2009


On a few days off from work this week - with just a conference in the middle of the week - and we found ourselves in Preston for the afternoon.

There were several secondhand book stalls on the flag market and I enjoyed a good rummage round, looking through the books on offer.

Some Famous Five omnibuses were a bit tempting. But I believe you should never give in to temptation unless you can't resist it... I left them there. The Deathlands series written under the name of James Axler (though he never existed) were conspicuous by their absence.

What I did find though were a couple of westerns from the pen of Oliver Strange. My granddad had had the entire series about Sudden the gunfighter and I used to love them. These two were written in 1933, though the versions I bought and show here are reprints from the 1970s.

I've been looking for these for a good ten years - wonder how long it will take me to find the rest...?

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  1. Sudden, eh? So that's why cowboys wear their guns in slings...


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