Monday, 29 June 2009


24 August 2005. Back to the Sorrento holiday!

After we left Amalfi the coach took us up into the hills and we stopped for lunch (which was pasta, which I don't like - yeuch!) and then onto Ravello.

The village is gorgeous, but we have come here in particular to visit Villa Rufolo, famous for both its gardens and as a venue for open air performances from opera to Elton John.

He wasn't there at the time we visited though, so I took advantage of an empty stage to stand on it myself and give a short but extremely worthy aria... or something...

The stage actually overhangs the cliff and couldn't be in a more spectacular setting. Wagner wrote part of his Parsifal here.

Villa Rufolo originated in the 13th century as a convent.

There is still plenty of evidence of that time of quiet religious contemplation, but try as I might I could find nun of the original inhabitants...

Never the less, these quiet remains of a previous way of life gave the place an alternative character and the cool of this vaulted room was welcome after the heat and glare of the sunshine outside.

In the next instalment we have a last look at Sorrento itself as the holiday comes to a close.

All the photos from this holiday are available as a set of montages at Flickr.

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